Terry Barker Interiors

Home.  It means many things.  Where you live.  Whom you live with.  It's an expression of your identity, of what you value, of what you love. And it's a significant investment.  So you want it to look and feel right.  And if you have a place of business--it is more than a matter of making spaces functional.  Business and commercial design is about how you understand your clients and what you want them to understand about you.

Terry Barker has invested 20 years in helping people envision and create the homes and commercial spaces they want and need.  New construction, renovation, expansion, downsizing: Terry has experience in all facets of design.  And it's experience informed by the most current practice in green design and build and feng shui. 

Terry's work has won numerous awards and been featured in design publications such as Stone Dimensions Magazine and Austin Homes and Gardens.